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Battalion Wars Modding

Welcome! This is a subreddit for fans of the Gamecube game, Battalions Wars, and its Wii sequel, Battalion Wars 2, who are interested in modding the game. Any help in cracking the game's files open is appreciated! General discussion of Battalion Wars is a-ok here too.

(Partially) Explaining the Roblox Iceberg

This is a dissection and explaining of the original Roblox iceberg meme made and posted here by u/Opti101. As someone who's been here since 2008, I was surprised at just how much I was able to instantly recognize, and I wish to shed a light on it for those who might not remember or are new. There's some stuff I missed, but hopefully it's not enough that this will feel lacking.
Let's begin our dive!

Surface Level

This account in reality was created by Shedletsky to test site features, but the cryptic name has caused it to be a part of creepypasta theories since the beginning of the community, painting the account as belonging to a hacker that's waiting for just the right moment to return and ruin everything.
Part of the urban legend might have stemmed from the fact that in the early days someone had found an exploit that allowed them to inject code into games in real time. Former admin MrDoomBringer actually went into detail about how the exploit worked. The exploiter asked him to see what he had found, and made it rain head parts labelled "1x1x1x1 is coming for you!" in a Crossroads server. MrDoomBringer obviously found it hilarious, but the other players in game at the time didn't have the context and thus found it terrifying.
A neat trend in Roblox urban legends you will see as we go further is that more often than not they tend to be based in real, tangible exploiting incidents. However without an affinity for understanding how games work, most players saw them with an aura of mystique.
The Robox
The Robox is the prank that the site's staff pulled in 2019. It was allegedly a brand new console, having 8K rendering capabilities and being seemingly able to connect even to devices without wifi. On April 2nd, the Robox was made into the hat accessory you can see today.
Comment spambots
These have plagued the website since its early beginnings. There have been noteable incidents where unknown companies managed to create thousands of bots in a matter of weeks thanks to the lack of Captcha verification that used to be an issue. Nowadays they still exist, however the most common bots tend to be compromised accounts.
Fake login prompt scams
These tend to be deeply correlated with spambots. Via the promise of robux and whatnot many young, naive players fall for fake login prompts present in robux scam websites. The accounts are compromised and become part of the botnet.
By far one of the most infamous members of the community. Jared was notorious for taking an advantage of an old exploit that allowed you to gain access to copylocked games. I believe almost all of the games in his library were blatantly ripped off from other people due to that. He was a scam artist and generally unlikeable to boot. He got terminated multiple times as a result.
That said this does have a happy ending. Jared has popped back up on the internet, older and nowhere near as distasteful as he used to be. He has expressed interest in returning to the site, though I don't think he still makes Roblox videos.
John and Jane Doe
I'll be honest in that I find this one extremely obnoxious. There used to be a pre-existing urban legend behind these two accounts before clickbait youtubers came in and turned it into a terrible creepypasta.
For those who don't know, John and Jane are some of the earliest accounts ever made on the site. They go all the way back to the site's inception, since if I recall correctly, they were made for checking if login and game launching worked. I think these might be way older than 1x1x1x1 was, since when they were active the staff actually needed to join players in games so they had someone to play with.
They had the same aura of mystique as 1x1x1x1 did, in that the community saw the accounts as hackers just waiting to get their chance to return. I feel like the first wave of youtubers that covered them tried to keep this aesthetic, but it didn't take long before chucklefucks pushed it to the route of bad creepypastas. You know, those "MY GAME IS HAUUUUNTED!!!" types.
Tix Removal
This was by far one of the most infamous changes ever made to the game. Tix was basically the free currency of Roblox for the longest time. Everytime you logged in or someone visited your places you would earn tix. Almost, if not all, player-made clothing was made to be purchased in tix.
I believe the reason tix had to go was because you could convert tix into robux and viceversa. Modern times probably meant that there was a tool out there that let people exploit tix generation methods and amass some truly massive ammounts of tix, and therefore robux, as a result. Fun fact, when the retirement of tix was announced, the exchange rate absolutely TANKED as a result.

Below Sea Level

I'll be honest in that I feel this iceberg dives really quickly into barely documented territory. Lots of old Roblox content is, sadly, kind of lost media at the moment. Part of the reason modern-day John and Jane Doe shit makes me so mad is because the original urban legends have become even harder to find as a result of all the new content swamping search engines.
Keep in mind that some stuff might be just regular iceberg bs added as flavor by the original creator.
Shirts... and Pants Pants Pants
This is an old, though easy to find, promotional video for Roblox promoting the user-made aspect of, well, shirts and pants. It's extremely goofy and catchy, I definitely recommend you check out the song.
NobleDragon is a furry
This is a meme that began to circulate around 2015 when someone found out that the business/SFW Twitter account of NobleDragon was following a NSFW furry artist. The meme caught on because NobleDragon is rather infamous for abusing his admin status and frequently antagonizing members of the community such as Reuben Sim.
"Horror" music
I believe this refers to an old asset posted by the staff back in the early days. Urban legends make it sound scarier than it reportedly was.
The Cursed House
I'm pretty sure this refers to an old creepy game. I wasn't one for creepy games back in the day, though, so I can't tell you which one is this referring to.
Circle studs lawsuit
My memory of this one is rusty, but I think it was an early legal issue that Roblox faced against LEGO. Back in the day the studs in the brick parts used to be round just like in LEGO parts. This happened during a period where LEGO's patents were all expiring, culminating in the original patent expiring in 2011. As a result of this, LEGO's legal team was antagonizing toy companies that began to sell plastic brick toys, and I guess they saw Roblox's virtual bricks as part of this group.
Front page porn game hacks
This is one that I SWEAR saw myself, many other people reported it too when it allegedly happened (I can't think of the exact timeframe, but it was most likely before 2015). That said I've got no idea if what I'm thinking of is the incident the iceberg talks about or if it was something completely different. A hacker or group of hackers got into the website, I believe, and made it so inappropiate porn games got into the front page for a while. Keep in mind though that this is Roblox-tier porn, so just imagine stuff like a dummy model with two sphere parts in front of it to emulate titties. There might have been a game or two that actually displayed NSFW pictures, but I don't recall correctly.
Abandoned 2007 games
These aren't so much urban legends as legitimate lost media. Most of these old games never changed and should technically still be on the website today, however finding them has proven a challenge due to either their owners getting terminated or just having their usernames be lost to time. Roblox has a really awful search engine which hasn't lent itself towards archival in any capacity. I know there's some people here who get together and start digging around based on certain clues.
(Anyone else remember lemurboy12's Super Mario-esque places?)
Out of bounds model glitches
Again, I'm not really sure if this is referring to a specific incident, but on multiple occassions players have been able to crack games and get into places of the map that they normally wouldn't be in. I don't know if a specific glitch messed up models, I've never heard of that, but I wouldn't rule it out completely as being impossible. If anyone has the specific answer to this, please let me know.
"Honest politicians"
This is one that I genuinely have no clue what it's about. Any contributions would be a great help!
2012 April Fool's Incident
I left this one for last because it has to be, in my opinion, the best in this level of the iceberg. I can't go into much detail, and I highly recommend instead you look it up on the Roblox Wikia, but here's a quick rundown: In April 1st, 2012, a user got into the Roblox website by creating an account in a test site meant only for staff members. The user began wreaking havoc on the website, writing custom banners, messing with the accounts of some notable members of the community at the time, messing with items for sale, and creating an infamous face decal that was briefly up for sale. By far the most controversial actions commited by the user was leaking hundreds of new assets the staff had yet not made public, as well as using two puppet accounts to unban a user caught in a Limited Item scandal. The staff had to briefly shut down the site in the late hours of April 1st to sort things out and get the user out of the server.

Middle of the Iceberg

Fleskhjerta's banned models
Fleskhjerta was a popular user back in the early days of 2007-2008. If I recall correctly, he made quite a lot of popular videos back in the early days both of Roblox and YouTube. He didn't quietly exit the community, rather, his career was cut short when his Roblox account got terminated. Back in the day, Roblox worked more towards the three strike system of moderation, and Flesk was already on thin ice over having shared two of his videos in the old wiki, which contained profanity. The models part refers to the strike that got him terminated. Months after the first strikes, a staff member found an old model Flesk created, which was a standard dummy model with two cylinder pieces to resemble boobs. This model was the result of his termination.
Lost 2006-2007 clients
Again, these are more along the lines of true lost media than urban legends. These early clients were very different from the later builds, but little to no documentation has been made of them. Just like the lost 2007 games, the search for these old clients has been ongoing amongst small search parties.
Source of "uuhhh.wav" (Oof sound)
The iconic death noise wasn't made for Roblox. It was ripped from a 2000's shooter game called Messiah, with the sound file itself dating to 1999.
This is an infamous individual who I can cover more in the Graphictoria incident later down the iceberg.
"John" model
This is something that I wasn't able to find information about. I'd like to assume it relates to the John Doe ordeal, but I can't say for sure since I have no context for this. It's something that I need help indentifying.
Virtual kpop groups
I think this might refer to that weird community in Instagram and Twitter of uncanny Roblox player models with realistic face decals superimposed to resemble real people. I think some people are using that weird trend to recreate groups like BTS, but thanks to the trend's uncanniness they look postively gross.
This emoticon resembles the infamous face decal that was made in the 2012 April Fool's incident. I can only assume the reason it's lower on the list is that, without proper context, it looks creepier than it actually is.
Dynablocks was a precursor to Roblox all the way back in 2003. This doesn't mean that Roblox is a sequel, as Dynablocks was essentially just Roblox really, REALLY way back into development. The website for Dynablocks exists, and for a while it used to redirect to Roblox, however it has been broken for a while.
Julius Cole
Another infamous scammeplace robber. He rose to infamy by having stolen 1dev2's Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. He was eventually found guilty of stealing games and models and got terminated. However, unlike Jared, Julius' presence online after termination was much more toxic. He frequently made threats and generally nasty comments aimed at the staff and promiment players in his Twitter account, which earned him a suspension. He's also known for his erratic and equally obnoxious YouTube videos. People have said that he might be a long-running troll, and I wouldn't find it surprising. However, troll or not, harrassment and threats directed at people who caught you red-handed on your bullshit is something I find deplorable. Troll or not, he doesn't deserve a second chance unlike other people in a similar situation as his.

Bottom of the Iceberg

MLP FiM: Roleplay was stolen
I have a hunch that this is so low on the iceberg due to how there's basically no information regarding it. I assume this refers to an incident where someone managed to steal a copylocked game, or some sort of sabotage during development allowed for a developer to steal the assets. Again, if anyone has more information on this, please let me know.
9/11 Rememberance hat
Back in the days of the forum, there used to be a rumor that, supposedly, the staff had created a hat for some sort of 9/11 memorial event. This was a rumor, so it might have been completely unfounded, but if it was true, it's possible the staff never released it in the fear it might have been seen as distasteful.
This refers to a sound file that would commonly blare in games that had recently been exploited. I'm not sure in which exploiter wave this was featured in, since throughout Roblox history there's been multiple "waves" of mass exploits whenever a new tool or vulnerability is found, and each exploiter group has had its own identity. Whenever it showed up, it was most likely the signature move of an exploiter or group of exploiters.
Graphictoria controversy
Graphictoria was a free engine that was meant to emulate the feel of old Roblox versions and games. EnergyCell, the lead developer, was eventually discovered to have been a raging sociopath, and Graphictoria was revealed to have been sending log in information, which was supposed to be confidential, to a server that only he had access to without the players' consent nor knowledge. People suspected that due to his nature, he was bound to use this data for blackmail, and when he was found out he was reportedly threatening people with suicide multiple times. This is well-documented, so I highly recommend that you look up the full story for yourself.
JJ5x5's account hacked
This is something that JJ himself confirmed as being true. JJ5x5 is an old player that's most famous for his old video series back in the early days of Roblox and YouTube. JJ didn't verify his email address when he got hacked, so the hackers very quickly got access to his account.
Lost forum posts
Due to the very nature of how the forums used to work, certain posts were naturally lost to time. However, the history leading up to the complete removal of the forums led to a massive loss of content. For a while, it seemed the staff didn't know whether or not to get rid of the forums, so they instead opted to merge the forums into much more broader categories. Some forums suffered greatly when the merge happened, as they essentially got obliterated due to their low usage in comparison to the more popular ones.
David's late 80's prototype
This is an alleged prototype that David supposedly created, which would lead into DynaBlocks and then into Roblox. However, there's no real proof that this prototype actually exists. David first thought up the concept that would become Roblox in the 80's, but he never actually created a working prototype. Technology at the time wouldn't have let him create a working prototype at all, so this is pretty much just fake.
Roblox Studio pornography
This is another one I'm not 100% sure about. It might refer to the few incidents where moderation hasn't been able to catch inappropiate models and decals as they're uploaded into the public library.
This was a much more prevalent urban legend back in the days where the game was smaller and you were more likely to end up alone on a server. Allegedly, there's been multiple reports of people playing alone in servers, when suddenly the place they're in starts to be modified or outright exploited as if there was another player there. There were also reports of sightings of transparent player models in the distance or cryptic chat messages coming from unidentifiable users in lonely servers.
Despite being one of the more fantastical points in this iceberg, it's likely that some reports might have been true in one way or another. For one, an exploiter or developer could have decided to prank the lonely player, messing with them to give them a scare. In another way, the game could have code that either randomly triggers an event, or triggers an event after certain time has passed. In a game where we can code what happens, who's to say someone hasn't created an easter egg like this?

The Abyss

Lost Roblox bloopers
I'm pretty sure these refer to lost videos of the early days of Roblox youtubers. I know for sure there's plenty of entries I used to watch way back when that I can't find to this day. Much like the lost games and clients, the search is on.
2005 client
This is a fabled version of the client much more rare and older than the 2006/2007 clients. I don't even know if there's anyone who ever got to have them that wasn't a staff member or playtester. I don't even know if it truly exists. If it is real, I suppose we can only hope that the staff is good at keeping archives.
This is another bullshit entry. There's absolutely no record of this sort of command being the focus of a Roblox urban legend, and I think the original creator of the iceberg image made it just to give the meme an air of creepiness to it. If it does turn out to be real, it might have either been a failed creepypasta, or something that genuinely caused Studio to freak out or do weird things.
MisterObvious' Discord audio files
For those not in the know, MisterObvious was a popular Roblox personality that was eventually discovered to be an extremely nasty pedophile and sexual predator, who used his fame to sexually abuse minors in his Discord server. This point most definitely references the recordings of sexually charged Discord calls that were used as evidence for his investigation. I think a censored version of them were featured in one of the first videos exposing him. It's highly likely the recordings are still circulating online, however due to their nature, I'd recommend you to not look for them.
This filename refers to a video of a camel getting its neck sliced that was spammed by an unkown user in plug.dj rooms that were created for forum threads when the forums were still up. I'm not sure if this incident was old or relatively recent, however I've seen some people claim the sound version of the clip was used in other non-Roblox games.
Finishing with a player shrouded in mystery, desdemona is a supposed Roblox user that was known for their cryptic and disturbing forum posts. Apparently, they were responsible for the hacking of several unnamed players that frequented the threads where he popped up. There's little to no documentation about him, and the current desdemona is a player that seems completely unrelated to him (although still posted general nonsense in the forums).

And there you have it, folks! Almost all points on the iceberg explained and put into context! While I missed some stuff, I feel like Opti missed some stuff themselves. There's some obscure knowledge like ?iloveyou and the Studio viruses which I was suprised didn't get covered.
Again, if you're someone who knows about the stuff I missed, please let me know! While this is a meme, I was surprised at just how much of our spooky, hidden content actually has its roots in the truth due to the nature of the game. Only time will tell if what we know nowadays will become rumors in the future.
submitted by Snail_Forever to roblox