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[Activity] Feel good music exchange!

We've all been there. We've all had bad days where nothing seems to go right. In situations like these it's good to find something to cheer you up. Music can be a powerful ally.
So very simple task. Post a song that never fails to makes you feel good / cheers you up when your feeling down.
Like this: Wilson Phillips - Hold On
Post your suggestion as a top thread comment (feel free to chat about the suggestions) and I'll be sure to add it to the list. :)
The list of good 'feels':
Edit: Keep making suggestions! I'm at work atm so will add them when I return. ;)
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Reaching out to Amazon.com reviewers who scored Kid A around the time it was released.

Two months ago there was a thread posted by yaniv297 about low scores that users posted for Kid A in 2000. I reached out to some of these people. Also, sorry about the delay. I couldn't find much more than what I did and life got a little busy in the meanwhile.
Person 1
Sorry to say .. but this album is terrible. I bought it as it was released, since I awaited it as eagerly as any other fan did. And I am hugely disappointed. Radiohead is capable of greatness, and this is not it. Over-whelmed by expectations after OK Computer, I suspect that Radiohead became scared and copped out, pointedly trying to evade failure by doing something so very different .. and worthless. So now everyone can boldly claim: "Hey, it's not Ok Computer, what did you expect?
The reviewers here claiming it is one of the best albums ever, and that 5 stars aren't enough .. are deceiving themselves. I can not find any redeeming thing in this album to like and will get rid of it as soon as a shop opens on Monday morning that buys used CDs. I did allow myself a few days to try and see if it will settle in, but I don't want this crud in my collection. I feel embarrassed at having been conned out of my money for this trash. It even pains me to give it a single star.
I didn’t want to reply to you without giving the album a fresh listen again. (And in the meantime, the new album - A Moon shaped pool - appeared as well.) My reaction to Kid A is still the same - it has a jittery, nervous landscape, and is nowhere near the masterpiece that OK Computer was. My review then is still what I feel now - disappointed.
Since my review of Kid A (which was more in reaction to the over-the-top adulation it received), I have bought two other Radiohead albums - Hail to the Thief, and In Rainbows. They are okay-ish, but I can’t listen to either of them in one sitting. I can only dip into them. For me, Radiohead just didn’t live up to the promises of their first 3 albums.
Person 2
What is this album? Dissonant noise? A joke? A failed attempt by a recording group? It's all three of these statements wrapped into one overproduced album. A casual listening to this album brings frustration and the air of background music. A second listen with headphones will put you to sleep. Thus has to be Radiohead's weakest effort, a pointless prog rock epic about sucking lemons and failed efforts. Personally, I liked the ambient genre before Radiohead tried their hand at it. Buy it for the album art and the cellophane that accompanies it.
My views on that album haven't changed much in 16 years. I like radiohead but they're not my ultimate, favorite band ever. I enjoyed ok computer and the bends. I liked their last two releases...um, I like a lot of folk, Japrock, psychedelia, garage rock and old country, some metal...nothing's really changed other than bands that come and go.
"What do you feel about how the internet has changed the way we listen to music?"
It's given more exposure to lesser known bands or bands that would only be local. 1994 was the year the Internet was in diapers. I remember being in college and telneting to a bbs at university of Iowa and discussing music there.
"Do you think you'll ever give Kid A another listen?"
Maybe. It's not the top priority. I write and blog about music, publicists inundate me with music to check out. On average, I listen to 15 new albums a week. My copy of KID A is packed in a moving box, the files are on a random hard drive somewhere
Person 3
bleeps and bloops, my friends, bleeps and bloops. Remember old modems, all the noise when they'd dial-up. That's Kid A. If you want SONGWRITING buy Radioheads first three albums, each of which is amazing.
Hey, I barely remember leaving a review but yes I was very into early Radiohead and not so much into anything after Ok Computer.
"Do you remember your listening experience with Kid A? And your experiences with the 3 previous albums?"
Yes. I remember the first two albums being catchy right away. I remember Ok Computer not clicking with me on the first listen but I could tell I would warm up to it and eventually "get it." I hated Kid A from the get-go.
"What in particular did you not enjoy about Kid A? What did you think of its follow up, Amnesiac?"
It didn't sound musical at all. I'm sure that was intentional but it's not for me. I didn't like Amnesiac either. Though Amnesiac certainly sounded like music it was too avant garde for me. I suppose I wasn't a loyal fan because I never bought another Radiohead album after that. I heard Rainbows once in a friend's car and liked it quite a bit. But by that time I was pursuing my own musical output and was no longer following up with old favorite artists of mine. I'm a lousy fan in that way
"So I assume you listen to more rock than the weird electronic sound nowadays?"
I don't think I ever liked any weird electronic bands. Pablo Honey was basically just power-pop but with a space alien lead guitarist. The Bends was sort of like Pablo Honey but a little more of an attempt at striking mainstream radio (I'm the only person that believes this and everyone else will denounce it). Ok Computer was crazy but still rooted in melody. I would say Ok Computer is the weirdest album in all my catalogue that I ever liked. I honestly don't listen to any secular music anymore. I'm only likely to listen to Christian artists but ones to my liking are hard for me to come by. Christian music tends to gravitate towards super polished and over-produced with awful soaring Disney style orchestras. Or the other Christian bands tends to overcompensate by being hardcore bands. There's actually probably 4 hardcore bands to every melodic band in the Christian market right now. I'm sure this isn't much help to your research.
Now, my band has a concept album in the can (finished but not released till we have some bucks to promote it) and some of our songs on this album are very influenced by OK Computer. This album is more like the White Album than any other album though as I've really come to detest genres. We were a punk band at our inception but I seriously can't stand a band that has a single sound. I'd rather my band sound like the White Album or the Clash's Sandinista - more like an eclectic ipod on shuffle than a band with one sound.
"Are you excited for the future of your band?"
I'm excited about my band as my own creative outlet. People won't want to buy our album or see us perform because we're all over the place musically. Everyone wants to think their tastes are eclectic but everyone really wants their bands stylized as can be. They say they like bands with range but every band in this social media age had better have a sound and not dare deviate from it. There will never be another SUCCESSFUL Beatles or Zappa. There will be some geniuses like these that never sell enough to make a living but we'll never hear of them. The biggest successes will have one sound (like Nickelback) and this will only ever become moreso.
Person 4
Atmospheric. Detached. Half the time i'm not sure why a rock band would ever even want to make some of these sounds, let alone how. Spacious. Bleak. I hated this record when it was released, and went on hating it for the better part of a year. It simply isn't a rock record, and there wasn't a reason for everyone to get so excited about so many blips and processed vocals.
Precise. Assured. The more i heard Kid A, the more i began to realize that everything on it was being done intentionally. It was orchestrated, but players in the orchestra were replaced with a recluse rock band and their endless banks of processors. Not such a bad thing, really. Mysterious. Mythological. Thom and the boys are saying things that i don't think i get the point of. In fact, i didn't get the point of this album until i bought Amnesiac. Falling into the strange times and places of that disc, i realized that it was no different from Kid A other than that it offered no context for its songs; they exist separately from each other.
Geshtalt. Unified. Kid A is not an album you can make mix-tapes from, with the possible exceptions of "Optimistic" and "Idioteque." As a result, these two might seem as though they're the sole highlights when you first hear them. Listening to Kid A in a coffee shop is all but useless. Hunkering down with a pair of good headphones might not produce any results. Getting stoned might not help.
The only thing i can say, especially as a previous despiser of this piece of work, is that you must give this entire disc a chance. Do not think of it as a cycle of single songs. Think of it as a complete fifty minute submersion into a sonic world this is distinctly different from the one you might have been expecting. Challenging. Different. Don't expect to like it. Entertain the possibility of being surprised.
When I heard Kid A the first time, I had this "what the hell was that?" response. I wasn't a big Radiohead fan, but I had heard The Bends and OK Computer, and I thought of them as a band who wrote really good, very interesting songs - especially their lyrics. Kid A really shifted the focus from the words to the soundscapes, and to me that seemed like a missed opportunity. I was incredulous that everyone around me was loving it. I hated all of it! I think I liked Optimistic and Idioteque because they felt more like discrete songs like the ones I was expecting, but I disliked everything else.
My clicking moment with Kid A was Amnesiac. I've always been a voracious music consumer, so I was going to listen to Amnesiac regardless of if I enjoyed Kid A. Despite Amnesiac not really adhering to my concept of Radiohead as a band who wrote The Bends or Paranoid Android, I had a much more visceral reaction to it than I did to Kid A. Even Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box - which is ostensibly a lot like Kid A - felt more immediate to me. I was (and still am) OBSESSED with Pyramid Song. I had this moment of realization. "These are the throwaways from Kid A not because they are bad or lesser-than, but because they didn't fit in the gestalt. These are the outliers - and I love them. Why don't I like the thing at their center?" Kid A the song really drove that home - why was it so much more palatable to me here than it was on its own album?
I then went back to Kid A with fresher ears and tried to get past the soundscape level of it to really appreciate what they were doing as composers on each song. I enjoyed it much more. Part of it was letting go of my expectations, but part of it was listening for different things.
Also, I saw the band live on Amnesiac and they were incredible. They closed with Thom playing Everything In It's Right Place on keyboards which cemented that as one of my favorite songs. I get a chill through my body every time I hear it start, now.
Do I like Kid A now? Not specifically. It's still one of my least favorite Radiohead LPs. Yet, I understand and appreciate what is excellent about it. I found moments of connection with all of the songs. And that process made me a much bigger Radiohead fan. I own every one of their songs. I own all of their sheet music and cover their songs. I wound up digging in really deeply almost due to the fact that I don't like Kid A rather than despite of it.
As for my wider taste in music, I used to be exclusively into female vocalists and songs that could be deconstructed to one guitar or one piano. Aside from classic stuff like The Beatles and David Bowie, over 90% of my collection were female vocalists. Garbage, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Madonna - I suppose you could describe what I liked as the women who weren't invited to Lilith Fair.
I think that was an envy thing, because I was a male songwriter and I hadn't really found my voice yet. After I got more comfortable as a performer, I began to let more contemporary male voices in. Rufus Wainwright, in particular, really broke that open for me. Now I love everything. My list in any given week ranges from Kelly Clarkson to Dirty Projectors to Azealia Banks. I like good singers. I don't have time for people who don't use their vocal instrument well. I still get annoyed at "concept" bands. Like, I despise Arcade Fire. That's my new version of Kid A dislike ;)
I love Hail To The Thief, I think it was hugely underrated because of its length and dark tone. They were amazing on that tour. In Rainbows was okay, but they started drifting out of writing concise songs again and I was consuming so much more music at that point that I didn't have the time to dig in further. King of Limbs wasn't really to my liking - I liked Yorke's solo stuff more. I'm excited to see what this new record will bring.
Thank you for the kind words. thedarkgod has some insightful comments as well, http://www.reddit.com/radiohead/comments/4fs4xh/if_you_want_a_little_laugh_heres_some_1_stad2byagg
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