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r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season - #30-21

Welcome to the reveal for players ranked 30-21 for this year’s NFL Top 100 Players for the 2019 Season!

Players whose average rank had them land in places 30-21 are on this portion of the list revealed today. Players are associated with the team they finished 2019 with.
Below you will see write-ups from rankers summarizing the players' 2019 season and why they were among the best in 2019. Stats for each player are from this season and are included below. Additionally, their previous ranks in this long running series are also available for all of you.
  1. A CALL FOR RANKERS just after the Super Bowl.
  2. Rankers for each team nominated players to rank. 10 Games Played Minimum Threshold. Players are associated with the team they finished the 2019 Season with.
  3. The Grind. Utilize ranking threads for individual rankers broken up by positional group. Users were tasked with ranking players within the following tiers based on their evaluation: T-25, T-50, T-100, T-125 based on 2019 regular season only. There were no individual case threads. There were no arbitrary position limit caps. Just questions and rankings.
  4. Users submitted their individual Top 125 list. Ranking out to 125 is new for this year.
  5. User lists were reviewed for outliers by me with assistance from two former rankers. Users were permitted to correct any mistakes found. Once complete, lists were locked.
  6. Reveal the list… right now.
So now, without further ado, here are the players ranked 30-21 in the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2019 Season!

#30 - Luke Kuechly - Off-Ball Linebacker - Carolina Panthers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
70 14 8 6 53 18 14
Written By: robdog1330
Luke Kuechly may have retired from the NFL after eight great seasons with the Carolina Panthers, but he was still exceptional in his final season in the NFL. Kuechly, in 2019, recorded 2 picks, 12 passes defended (which ties his career high which he previously set in 2014), 144 combined tackles (5th in the league), and even got the first and only safety in his career. If you want an example of the types of plays he made, check out this tackle he made on Derrick Henry. Even though the Panthers went 5-11 this past season, Kuechly's play earned him his seventh Pro Bowl selection and helped him get named to the 2nd Team All-Pro. Unfortunately, numerous concussions played a role in Kuechly's decision to retire, but he is still with the Panthers as a scout and is one of the greatest all-around linebackers to ever play the game despite a rather short career.

#29 - Marshal Yanda - Offensive Guard - Baltimore Ravens

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
50 N/R 14 15 9 N/R 41
Written By: wrhslax1996
Coming in at 29 on this year's list is the Ravens' now retired RG, Marshal Yanda. He was an absolute treat to watch this year, even at 34/35 years old and he is well-deserving of his spot in the top 30 of this list. He was amazingly consistent in pass protection, he was an absolute mauler in run blocking, and he put together a 16-game season at an age where most guys struggle to stay healthy.
His pass protection is a tale of two things. First is his consistency in his pass sets. Yanda is amazingly consistent in gaining some depth, punching at the right time, and stonewalling his opponents when left 1v1 vs an interior defensive lineman. Reps like this, while not explicitly sexy, comprise the majority of Yanda's pass reps. In other words, he's exactly what you want out of an interior offensive lineman. He plays mostly mistake-free football through good technique, good functional play strength, and intelligence. Now he did have some pretty sexy pass protection reps, but those fall under another category. The second thing I wanted to cover is that Yanda is phenomenal at passing stunts, catching stunts, and finding work when nobody's rushing at him head-on. Watch this montage of his pass protection and note in that first rep how well Yanda passes the stunt to Brown. He tosses Woodyard like a ragdoll, resets his feet, gets square, and is immediately ready to accept #50. That's textbook. On the second rep, Yanda has nobody rushing him head-on, so he gains some depth to match the rest of the OL, keeps his head on a swivel, and goes over to punish the inside swim. Yet another textbook rep. You never want an OL satisfied with sitting back doing nothing. This was a regular occurrence last season. In that mashup you'll see him willing to engage immediately and break off to provide help where he's needed. Finally, here he is making TJ Watt really regret the inside spin. An IOL getting a full head of steam and going and laying the wood on pass rushers is something you just don't see very often.
Not only is Marshal Yanda an elite pass protector, but he is an absolute mauler in the run game. Remember how I said that Yanda likes laying the boom on people? Well he does it when pulling in the run game as well. His ability to pull effectively, fight through initial contact, and still hit the free rusher is a thing of beauty. Another element of his run blocking is his elite technique. Yanda can accept a large run defender and use his hips, arms, core, and general play strength to completely remove his assignment from the play. Blocking in the interior can be very difficult due to the sheer amount of bodies so knowing how to get your guy into his own space and completely eliminate him is extremely valuable, especially in a scheme as run-dependent as the Ravens. Finally, now that I've showed his ferocity + technique, I wanted to show one more rep where he just runs his guy nearly out of the frame. This outside zone is not perfectly blocked (looking at you Orlando Brown Jr.) but Yanda takes his horizontal step, engages with the DT, and breaks off on to the DB coming down to fill the gap. Instead of just holding firm, Yanda drives his feet through that man's soul.
Yanda is strong, fast, ferocious, and technically sound which makes him an elite run blocker and pass protector. He played great football last season and his retirement leaves a noticeable hole in the Ravens offense.

#28 - Eric Kendricks - Off-Ball Linebacker - Minnesota Vikings

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: TheSwede91w
Eric Kendricks hasn’t reached the prestige of guys like Bobby Wagner and Luke Keuchly, but he is quickly on his way. In fact, last year Kendricks beat out Keuchly on PFF’s all-time forced incompletion record for a linebacker, logging 21.9% forced incompletion rating to Keuchly’s 21.9%. Here is what I consider to be one of the best examples of Kendricks forcing an incompletion. On the road against the Cowboys with the game on the line Kendricks comes up with a game winning forced incompletion up by laying out and playing the ball perfectly. And, Kendrick doesn’t just do it against RBs and TEs. Here he is breaking up a pass against the normally sure handed Julio Jones. Overall Kendricks, Keuchly, and DeMario Davis all ended the year leading the league tied in pass break ups for a LB at 12. Like most of Mike Zimmers players, Kendricks isn’ a one trick pony. Here are back to back forced fumbles against the Eagles and Chargers. On the first play Wentz and Goedart find a whole in the zone but Kendricks is quickly there to punch the ball out. In the second play Hunter Henry and Rivers run a great timing route but Kendricks is again able to rip the ball out after a quick recovery. While Kendricks has shown the speed and range to be a coverage back, he can also do some serious work around the box. This next play is one of my favorite plays from last season, largely because of the reaction from Hunter and Kendricks after. 4th and 1 against the Raiders in an obvious rushing situation against the best Center and one the stronger backs in the league Kendricks finds his way through the crowd and with the help of Hunter drives Jacobs into the backfield for the big stop. I wanna know what kind of sweet nothings those two were screaming at each other. And here he is against the Packers in another obvious rushing down. The O-line does a great job job getting of the line of scrimmage and getting to the second level, laying hands on Kendricks almost immediately. Kendricks using his strength, speed, and awareness to fight through the block and make the stop, bringing up a 4th down. Kendricks wasn’t asked to blitz a lot and played a lot more coverage last year, largely due to the Vikings limitations at CB. But, when he was asked to blitz, he was effective. Here he is rushing up the middle with tremendous burst and bringing down Wentz for the sack. All the insane athleticism needed to break up passes, stuff the run, fight through blocks, and rush the passer don’t mean much if you don’t have the mental processing required to put it all together. This next play isn’t the flashiest, but it shows Kendricks can diagnose and manipulate a play. Here Kendricks recognizes the outside zone run and stay right behind the DT until the RB is forced to cut back inside where Kendricks is in perfect position to make the tackle. All in all Kendrcks is earning every penny of his extension and is poised for another big year. Eric says bye.

#27 - Mitchell Schwartz - Offensive Tackle - Kansas City Chiefs

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R 36
Written By: DTSportsNow
Schwartz has been recognized as one of the best tackles in the NFL with 3 prior All-Pro designations and this season may have been his best, but it didn't come without sacrifice. For the first time in his 7.5 years in the league Schwartz missed a few snaps in two separate games. But for every other snap that Schwartz was on the field he was sensational, allowing no sacks all season from his spot.
When you break it down by the numbers Schwartz ended tied with the 3rd fewest total pressures given up. He tied 1st with Ryan Ramczyk in pass blocking efficiency with a pressure allowed on just 1.6% of snaps among all tackles. In the run games Schwartz finished 5th in run blocking grade, and ranked 1st in average assisted line yards on runs.
With all this incredible performance in mind there's an argument to be made that Schwartz is the most valuable tackle in the league. Despite being among the top tackles he ranks just 7th in average money per year among right tackles and 26th overall among all tackles. That's with having just signed a new 3 year deal before the 2019 season. And although his post-season action doesn't count in this ranking, it's hard not to mention his absolutely dominating run to the Super Bowl. Schwartz has really turned into a leader on this team stepping up when it matters, and being a constant steady force protecting Mahomes. Doesn't matter who he faces across that line whether it be Von Miller, J.J. Watt, or even his old pal Dee Ford; they better be ready to face that stone wall.

#26 - Za’Darius Smith - EDGE - Green Bay Packers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: packmanwiscy
With the advent of free agency in the early 90’s, no team used it to their advantage quite like the Green Bay Packers. Signing Reggie White re-invigorated the franchise in 1993, and key signings like Santana Dotson, Sean Jones, Frank Winters, and Desmond Howard helped propel the team to it’s first Super Bowl in almost 30 years in 1996. However, when future Hall of Fame GM Ron Wolf retired, subsequent GM’s Mike Sherman and Ted Thompson usually erred on the side of development and retention rather than free agency to supply talent to the team. Sometimes this worked out, the 2010 Packers won the Super Bowl with only three free agent signings, but even then all three (Charles Woodson, Cullen Jenkins, John Kuhn) were major contributors. Unfortunately, If you draft poorly like Ted Thompson did in the mid-2010’s, you get disastrous results. If you aren’t importing talent and your drafting sucks, you aren’t going to get better. Seems simple, but the Packers didn’t get that for a couple of years.
2019 completely flipped the script for how the Packers constructed their team. The year before, new GM Brian Gutekunst made headlines with Muhammad Wilkerson and Jimmy Graham, but neither were in-their-prime studs. But last year Gute dipped into the pocket book and shelled out over 180 million dollars to free agents. The jewel of Gute’s free agency haul was Za’Darius Smith, booking him to a 4 year, 86 million dollar deal. Gute gambled that Big Z, combined with Preston Smith and Adrian Amos, would bolster a defensive unit that finished in the lower third in the league in points against and forced the fourth least turnovers. Zed and co. completely succeeded, with this year's Packers finishing in the Top 10 in both least points allowed and turnovers created en route to the NFC Championship Game. Za’Darius wasn’t the sole reason for this, but there’s no way the unit would have been as good without him. Zed finished with ‘only’ 13.5 sacks, which is merely tied for sixth last year. But Z finished first in the league in pressures according to pff and tied for first in the league in quarterback hits via pfr. Even if he wasn’t close to the league leaders in sacks, Za’Darius was perhaps the best at generating a pass rush against the QB, and when he wasn’t dragging down the QB he was causing chaos so others on the defense could capitalize.
Z’s best plays came when the Packers needed them the most. The Packers matched up against against the Vikings with a chance to clinch the NFC North title, and Za’Darius racked up 3.5 sacks and held the potent Vikings offense to only 10 points, all of which came off of short fields (granted it was MNF Kirk Cousins so it’s not that impressive but whatever). Watch this sack, left tackle Riley Reiff is thrown off balance by Smith’s punch and then gets blown by on the outside. How do you match that combo of speed and power? Another play, just admire how Garrett Bradbury tries to engage Zed in some hand fighting and Zed just says ‘nope’ and swims through him, gets held by Pat Elflein, and STILL manages to swat Cousins down for a loss. If you aren’t convinced by Za’darius beat up the shitty Vikings lineman, just watch him bull rush through Top 100 honorable mention Brian O’Neil. Three different pass rush moves, three different offensive linemen, three sacks. If Kirk wasn’t eating turf, he was feeling the heat. Like here, Kirk is able to get the ball away, but Zed’s beautiful stunt is far too quick for the linemen and the dump off pass is easily corralled for a loss. Za’Darius is a top-tier pass rusher, he’s got such a great combination of speed and power and agility that very, very few OL can match him.

#25 - Cameron Heyward - Interior Defensive Line - Pittsburgh Steelers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/R N/R N/R N/R N/R 37 89
Written By: Astro63
As the captain and anchor for the Steelers dominant 2019 defense, it should be no surprise that Cameron Heyward did nothing but to affirm his status as one of the most disruptive and imposing interior linemen in the entire NFL. Even with a nine-year career and some extremely impressive performances in recent seasons, the 2019 campaign may just have his best yet. Heyward posted 9 sacks and 59 total pressures, with both figures ranking third among all IDL. These numbers have become almost routine for Heyward as he has become well-known for his gaudy pass-rush figures and his ability to generate interior pressure with ease, but it was his added contributions against the run that really made this season special. Heyward took that facet of his game to the next level with a career-high 83 tackles (51 solo) and a ridiculous 44 Run Stops which was the highest among all IDL. He was always a good run defender with his ability to out-muscle defenders and collapse running lanes, but these numbers point to a level of consistent excellence not seen before. Simply put, Heyward was a commanding force in both run-stop and pass-rush and his well-rounded contribution was the basis for the entire front-seven’s dominance last season.
There is really only one word I can use to describe Cam Heyward’s playstyle and that is ferocious. His brute strength combined with his surprising lateral agility makes him near unblockable, and that doesn’t even factor in his constant motor which leads to many high-effort plays. For my money, Cam boasts the very best bull-rush in the entire league. Just ask Quenton Nelson. Heyward knows how to win to the inside and use his extension to drive blockers deep into the pocket. This combination of leverage and force commands a ton of attention, and in many cases it still can’t be stopped. On top of his raw power, Heyward boasts extremely underrated movement skills given his size which allows him to burst constantly upfield. Lastly, I want to point out his contact balance and ability to stack and shed. Watch here how he is able to plant his body through contact and toss Nelson aside like rubbish to continue working upfield towards the ball carrier. This is one of the most challenging plays to execute as an interior defender, and it really showcases how physically imposing he is even against NFL strength. All in all, Cam Heyward is an exceptionally complete player who understands the nuance of his position to a very high level, and it’s his consistency that brings it all together to make him a truly dominant force at the forefront of the Pittsburgh defense.
Cam Heyward was named a First-Team All-Pro for the second time in his career, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. With his interior partner Stephon Tuitt back from injury next season, Cam should once again lead a ferocious defensive unit in the Steelers’ pursuit for the Lombardi.

#24 - Justin Simmons - Free Safety - Denver Broncos

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: BlindmanBaldwin
When the Broncos hired Vic Fangio as their new head coach last year, one name became a prime candidate for having a breakout season — Justin Simmons. It seemed that wherever Fangio went, he put his safeties in position for success: Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos in Chicago, Dashon Goldson in San Francisco. With Justin Simmons already being one of the Broncos better players throughout the first three years of his career, it was easy to see why there were such lofty expectations put on Simmons for the 2019 season.
But no one could’ve foreseen this.
Much like one of his beloved anime protagonists, Justin Simmons rose to the challenge and emerged a new player in 2019. Among nominated free safeties, Justin Simmons had the most stops per snap, gave up the third fewest receptions per target, and had the second-lowest QB rating — doing all of this while playing every defensive snap (a feat he also did in 2018). Simmons received All-Pro accolades from PFF (1st team) and the AP (2nd team).
Joe Rowles (one of the better follows on NFL Twitter) wrote this about Simmons’ breakout season:
There is no doubt in my mind that Justin Simmons has blossomed into one of the best safeties in the NFL under Vic Fangio. The combination of his jump in processing and a better system to utilize his talents led to a career year in 2019. Still just 26, there’s reason to believe the best is yet to come.
In a time where the Broncos had been struggling to find talent to replace the departures from the great 2015 team, Justin Simmons has been a bright spot for a few years. During 2019, he ascended to heights even some of his biggest fans never thought to be possible. Simmons still has room to improve as a player. Is he the 24th best player in the NFL? Who knows. But what I do know is Simmons will remain an important part as the Broncos try to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2015.
(Now John, give him the bag)

#23 - Brandon Brooks - Offensive Guard - Philadelphia Eagles

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
N/A N/R N/R N/R 96 55 67
Written By: wrhslax1996
Brandon Brooks is a fan favorite among Eagles fans, and for good reason. He's an elite RG in an era where great and consistent OL play is hard to come by. He's a great dude off the field and a phenomenal teammate and locker room presence. He has openly addressed and discussed his struggles with anxiety in an industry where guys typically remain pretty closed-off. He might be my favorite player in the NFL, so when I read the news that he had ruptured his achilles while training this off-season I was beyond upset. I'm upset for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, I'm sad that he won't be lining up between Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson this season. The OL will take a hit and that's just unfortunate. Secondly, I'm sad that a guy coming off the best season of his career won't be able to further cement himself as one of the best in the game. Finally, I'm sad that this will be the last Brandon Brooks NFL Top 100 write-up until 2022. I've rambled enough, let's get to what he actually did on the field last season.
Brandon Brooks was, in my opinion, one of the most consistent pass blockers in the NFL last season. Per PFF, he allowed 19 pressures in 16 games played, didn't allow a single pressure in 9/16 games, had a 4-game stretch from week 6 to week 9 without allowing a pressure, and only let up his 2nd sack allowed in four (4) years as an Eagle. It didn't matter whether it was a power rush or an inside spin. Brooks' ability to keep his feet + shoulders square, keep his anchor intact, and keep hands on the pass-rusher makes him an amazingly consistent blocker in pass protection. His ability to hold his own vs some of the best interior pass-rushers in the NFL is something all Eagles fans will sorely miss in 2021. There aren't many OGs who can keep Grady Jarrett in check, but Brooks can (full disclosure: Jarrett wrecked the Eagles W2 last year, but all of his wins came vs Isaac Seumalo. Jarrett rushed vs Brooks for the first 10 minutes before the Falcons realized "hey we should probably have him go head-up vs the lesser guard.") In addition to his unfaltering consistency in normal pass-pro, Brooks worked perfectly in tandem with Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce to make the screen game much more effective than it should have been. Brooks is a big guy at 6'5" 346lbs, but he can get out ahead of a screen pass and climb to the third level faster than most. That play is extra funny because, after you see a 346-pound man run that fast, you also get to see him envelop Haha Clinton-Dix which gives me great joy. Finally, Brooks is a ridiculously smart player. Throughout the season he showed his intelligence and instincts through his ability to pick up and pass off stunts. Here's a pretty standard T-LB stunt with Holcomb looping around to rush the B gap. Brooks sees it coming from a mile away and doesn't give up an inch. Here's one final play to show Brooks' situational awareness. He stonewalls his assignment, notices Wentz is taking longer in the pocket than he wants, and follows his opponent's momentum in carrying him across the front of the pocket, thus clearing a huge hole for Wentz to scramble through.
Anyone who has watched Brandon Brooks knows that his ability in the run game is elite. It's impossible to mention Brooks' effectiveness in the run game without discussing how well he works with Lane and Kelce. The run game is rooted hard in Brooks' ability to perform combo block/double teams with one of his surrounding offensive linemen. Here you can see it during the first Washington game and here you see him block a Power O perfectly with Lane Johnson vs Chicago. The man is so large, powerful, and fast that he's a valuable asset in run blocking. He is phenomenal at engaging, gaining leverage, and driving his feet until his opponent is just out of the play completely. He can climb to the second level and get his opponent in an unwinnable position on a regular basis. He's a phenomenal run blocker who helped Miles Sanders greatly throughout the course of his rookie campaign.
In summary, Brandon Brooks is absolutely amazing. He will be sorely missed in 2021 and I know I speak for every Eagles fan when I say that Matt Pryor has some big fucking shoes to fill.

#22 - Richard Sherman - Cornerback - San Francisco 49ers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
13 7 13 19 49 N/R N/R
Written By: scmsf49
The decline of Richard Sherman has been greatly exaggerated. Sherman had one of the best seasons of his career in 2019. After rupturing his Achilles. At age 31 (an age when the other legendary corner of his generation was essentially out of the league). He was thrown at only 51 times in 15 games this season. What's even more impressive is his deep coverage- he was targeted 11 times on 20+ yard passes and allowed only a single catch and a passer rating of 12.1, playing an integral role in the 49ers’ allowing the fewest big passing plays last season (10 total completions of 20+ allowed, the 2nd best team allowed 16).
Sherman gave up 0.44 yards per snap of pass coverage. The next best figure for an outside corner was 0.62. He was also PFF’s #1 ranked corner and #1 ranked coverage player. Individual numbers are great for Sherman, but it’s a disservice to not discuss the pass defense as a whole since he was the clear face of the group. The 49ers' pass defense allowed the fewest yards per attempt in the NFL and a ridiculous 1320 air yards, or 82.5 per game, over 400 less than the 2nd best team. There was also that dominant stretch from week 5 to week 8 (4 games), where the defense surrendered only 276 passing yards TOTAL. That’s 69 per game, historically nice. They also only allowed 6 3rd down conversions on 42 attempts during that stretch.
Sherman opened the season strong, taking his first interception as a Niner back for 6, one of 2 pick-sixes on the day for a team that managed only 2 interceptions in the entirety of the previous season. If there was any obvious indicator that this was not going to be the same 4-12 team, it was both outside corners scoring touchdowns in the first game. Sherman has no problem cleaning up either, picking up a crucial 3rd down stop in a game where the San Francisco pass catchers refused to hold on to the ball. Sherman and the defense were able to hold the Steelers to 20 and win a game with a -3 turnover differential (2 to 5). This wasn’t the norm, obviously, as the Niners finished with the 2nd best scoring offense in the league, but when the offense had its worst game of the season, the defense was there to save the day. No highlight reel of Sherman’s 2019 is complete with also adding in this beauty against the Browns.

#21 - Shaquil Barrett - EDGE - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previous Ranks
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Written By: Manimal4Eva
Weird, I didn’t realize this list was going to end at 21, because there’s no way anyone is being ranked above the Sack Ferret right? The guy who led the league with 19.5 sacks, who had 9 sacks in 4 games to start the season, who’s only 6’2 250 pounds.
Shaq Barrett came to the Bucs with just 14 sacks over 4 years with the Broncos. As an undrafted free agent, he only started 15 games over that span but still showed that he had a proverbial “nose for the ball”, getting QB hits and racking up tackles when he could. Once on the Bucs, he was able to apply that talent and evolve into the pass rush god that he was meant to be.
Some people looked at what Barrett did in the first 4 weeks of the season and thought it was a fluke. They said there was no way he would keep up that pace (yea no shit) and some even thought he wouldn’t get another sack for the rest of the season (Marc Sessler…). One person who did believe in Barrett at that time was Brett Kollmann, with this amazing video breaking down his technique. I’ll be honest, this video helped me tremendously with being able to watch the edge position and understand what they’re actually doing.
Barrett’s stats on the year are, of course, impressive. 19.5 sacks, 18 qb hits on top of those, 44 pressures, 6 forced fumbles, an interception. But those numbers don’t show everything. A number of his QA hits led to interceptions due to errant throws. He had 38 stops to help bolster one of the best rush defenses in the league. All while being considered slightly on the smaller side as an edge. His ability to get to the QB (or ball carrier) relied more on technique than pure power. Slipping lower than the towering tackles trying to stop him, spin moves, his weird power speed jump kick thing. He’s a fascinating player to watch simply from how smart he plays. It’s his ability to rush in then hop back when the QB climbs the pocket, darting in for a sack. It’s perfectly reading a run play to shoot the gap and get a tackle for loss. And it’s these things, combined with his consistency over the year, that show that this season won’t be a fluke.




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Unveiling of ranks 10-6 will take place Monday, July 6 instead of Tuesday. Unveiling of ranks 5-1 will take place on Thursday, July 9. Thank you!
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Championship run-in preview #7: Preston North End

/soccer miscreant YelST presents a complete mess of a post, coincidentally celebrating the third anniversary of finally sacking off GarnersLight. There's a lot here, so I hope you enjoy me going off on tangents and letting all of my feelings out.
Club: Preston North End
Manager: Alex Neil
Current table position: 6th, 56 points
One thing to sum up the season: We loaned out Graham Burke who went on to score 5 goals in a game for Shamrock Rovers.
How the season has gone so far: Fun. Starting with a bad loss away to Millwall on the opening day was never going to be the best of starts. However, some good home wins followed against Wigan Athletic, Sheffield Wednesday and not to forget Jack Butland single-handedly winning us the game against Stoke. Consistency has been key to our season, as we have flirted with the playoffs all season. It could have been better, as I found myself on the receiving end of a one week ban from /soccer for some distasteful comments after Kyle Edwards won a penalty with one of the most blatant dives you'll see in the 90th minute to win it for West Brom.
As lockdown approached, the squad began to put in tired performances, in the FA Cup against Norwich, a Lancashire Senior Cup humiliation against a Blackburn U23s side in which a certain Tyrhys Dolan broke onto the scene (but hold onto this for now) and three consecutive defeats with terrible performances against West Brom, Fulham and most damningly throwing away a 1-0 lead against QPR as Geoff Cameron unleashed his inner Geoff Cameron to get sent off and former YelST cult hero Jordan Hugill decided to rip our defence to shreds. However, our poor performances are not exclusively down to fitness, as some baffling tactics such as long ball to Sean Maguire and Alex Neil telling Scott Sinclair and Ben Pearson to stay back when the break was on on at least two occasions. I've always affirmed that while Alex Neil is highly tactically astute, he sometimes forgets the most basic parts of how to set up a team - an adaptation of a common problem I've been aware of where when you're really good at something (i.e. Maths) you forget the basics because you've got that much knowledge (i.e. times tables, this is a true story I've been told at university and fully believe it)
Nothing would top our 5-1 win against Barnsley, where former loan star Ben Pearson would decide he's had enough of not scoring, in style which could well be my favorite goal. It isn't the best by a long shot, but my god did he need that. Beating Blackburn 3-2 after being 2-0 down was nice, but that shouldn't have happened. In a rare instance, Jayden Stockley found himself useful there. We were also fortunate enough to come up against Manchester City in the League Cup, we rotated our key players out however Joe Rafferty put in the performance of a lifetime.
The part where Yel praises some players: We have some bloody good players in our team. Ben Pearson is obviously the best of the lot and fills a niche that England are looking for. A horrible little bastard who's a defensive midfielder and who will gladly split someone in two. This doesn't excuse some of the tackles I've seen on him this season, or for him for that matter, but he'll do everything to win and that's the key thing. Ben Davies is another who is an obvious star in the team and one of the better defenders in the Championship. Commonly referred to as a Rolls-Royce, he possesses a great passing range and is hard to beat. He has made a few errors but at 24 he has the time to cut them out. Besides, it's usually because of a tactical mistake he's forced into these, where someone breaks through and Davies or Bauer need to act. Speaking of Patrick Bauer, what a player we got on a free. I've got no idea why he was in League One, he's Premier League level. Darnell Fisher is also a shithouse and found himself strangled by James McClean, who would later go on to injure himself badly trying to hurt Pearson. McClean wasn't sent off for either. So maybe a later section I'm writing isn't entirely true. He also surprised everyone by nearly scoring his first-ever free kick at the first attempt from 30 yards out at home to rivals Blackburn! Joe Rafferty has emerged from nowhere as the team's star left back, only finding himself beaten when pushing forward or being told to pass the ball around the back, but as a pure defender he's sublime and is an outside shot for Stephen Kenny's first Ireland squad. Especially his performance against Manchester City, forcing them to attack down the middle and rely on Raheem Sterling's wizardry as he and an out of position Browne held them back. Poor Bernardo didn't stand a chance that night. Tom Barkhuizen and Scott Sinclair are both deadly when driving at defenders, the only issue is that Neil doesn't want them to, telling them to track back instead. Sinclair is a serious contender for future captain, he leads by example and wants to win. Daniel Johnson has been decent but most of his goals have been penalties. He's no key player by any means but he's been effective and has a 100% penalty record competitively for PNE. Josh Harrop I think is better, beginning to come into his own despite injuries, is lethal from set pieces and works hard. He needs his chance because he's definitely good enough. For some reason, Neil still won't trust him at corners and far worse players often take them.
The part where Yel shits on some players: Yeah, so some players haven't really performed. Despite Alan Browne being arguably ready to move up a level, he's been poor this season at points due to off the field incidents. He's also been captain at points but he isn't a leader by any means, which hasn't helped. He's had to shuffle positions a bit but he's finding his feet now and should be key in the run-in. Paul Gallagher has taken 5 penalties resulting in 5 goals (Note that I don't say he's scored 5 penalties because he officially hasn't) and has demonstrated some good passing at times. His set pieces are often terrible though and is clearly on a downwards slope. However, he's doing his badges at PNE and is manager(?) of the under 16s, discovering a lad called Aaron Bennett who may find himself in the first team - he's meant to be the next big thing. Although the Welshman won't be, because he's about the height of Mathieu Valbuena. Jayden Stockley has been lazy at points this season and has had far too many chances, often blowing them by not being assed enough including a half-time hooking away to Chorley in the Lancashire Senior Cup and whatever the fuck that showing was against Blackburn's U23s. It's not all down to Stockley though - he's been expected to run onto balls while Sean Maguire has been expected to win them in the air...Stockley is a big lad with aerial presence, Maguire is 5'6" and injuries have ruined him. David Nugent can kind of do both, but struggles to finish. His experience should come in useful and to be fair our wingers can't exactly cross. Brad Potts has also been lazy, our record signing suddenly becomes amazing when running into space though. Tom Clarke has aged too much and is being used as a right-back despite turning like milk. He's a club legend, and will return as a coach hopefully, but for now it's time to move on. Ryan Ledson and Tom Bayliss are good players who deserve more of a chance. Even if Johnson and Gallagher don't play, Ledson can hit a good penalty, giving him that extra bit of justification to play. There's also Andrew Hughes, he exists. Rafferty hasn't done much wrong though, bar his red card against Fulham, he doesn't offer much bar a good free-kick, something Harrop can already do better, so I don't know. Probably the one player I'd bin in the summer over anyone else.
Key stat(s) of the season: We've had 11 penalties this season! I don't know how, or why, but maybe Championship referees this season have decided to finally give us back some good karma as the likes of Sean Maguire take well-timed tumbles and eat some grim tackles as Paul Gallagher and Daniel Johnson find some easy ways to stat pad for the season. But on a serious note, we do seem to have become more adept at winning them which has helped us immensely this season, although a wrongly not given penalty was the reason we didn't make the playoffs in 17/18... it's all a conspiracy.
Any news from the season break?: A number of players have been working in a number of schemes. Breakout star and biggest prospect in years Tyrhys Dolan began an Instagram podcast where he helped to uncover upcoming talent by giving them the spotlight on a show partially supported by Mason Greenwood, in between intensive individual training sessions. We released him.
Sadly, Josh Ginnelly lost his close friend Christian Mbulu during lockdown. There were rumours due to the address given that it was Gino who had passed but these were quickly proven untrue. Gino, along with close friends including Ntumba Masskanka of nearby Chorley FC have been helping raise money for his family. You can find the fundraiser here.
The entire first team squad have donated to help get hampers to the needy. You can find this separate fundraiser here. I do like how we support the community, it's why we're the Gentry.
How will you fare financially in the future?: This is a tough one. Pre-COVID, I was aware of a potential summer mutiny over owner Trevor Hemmings' handling of the club with key players set to leave, including Declan Rudd. However, Dec then decided to praise Hemmings after the outbreak and announcement the players would be paid in full as usual. To be fair, you have to credit Hemmings for that. Well, that or the knowledge you won't be having to move to West Ham.
If a Premier League offer comes in for one of our players - and no doubt some will, as Ben Pearson and Ben Davies have been heavily linked with Prem moves in the past. They, as well as summer signing Patrick Bauer, winter signing Scott Sinclair and arguably Alan Browne are ready to make the step up. The expectation from what I'd assumed was that we wouldn't replace the players swiftly enough and the rest of the squad demand to leave, with no senior goalkeeper except from Connor Ripley who has been at fault for seven goals in the nine games he's played across pre-season and the main season, and it could well have been seven in seven if not for some suspect finishing from Chorley and Manchester City. Things would fall apart if this happens, as Hemmings refuses to spend money on quality. For the good that people say he is, the reality is that he's a good business owner but a useless football club owner. Did you know we have a SCOUT!? Because I don't think he does!
So yeah, failure to go up might be the trigger for this club's demise. And it wouldn't be the first time under Hemmings we've been in trouble. So yeah, this was more of an anti-Hemmings rant but COVID has actually benefitted us as other teams will have to sell cheap in the summer and we need to take advantage. Thing is, we won't, and as such collapse. Woo.
Expected lineup and tactics for the run in: Alex Neil's Wheel of Tactics (TM) means that I can't pick an expected lineup. We could honestly run anything and it wouldn't surprise me! However, we tend to run a 4-3-3 variant with the actual squad determining the style from there, and Rudd, Bauer, Davies, Pearson, Browne, Barkhuizen and Daniel "golden boy" Johnson usually start.
Remaining fixtures: All winnable games, but no doubt Neil will tactically flip the side and we'll lose one or two from that alone. At a high intensity we could very much win the lot though, however given the rapid flurry of games I suspect this won't be likely. Luton (A), Cardiff (H), Derby (H), Huddersfield (A), Sheffield Wednesday (A), Forest (H), Brentford (A), Birmingham (H), Bristol City (A)
Best case scenario: Well, it has to be promotion! We'd be set for life.
Worst case scenario: We go bust.
Prediction: Do I really have to predict when Alex Neil is our manager? My head says 7th and things go to shit. My heart says 6th and Nugent bags the winner at Wembley. I'd fancy us in the playoffs, a real dark horse with some top players.
Social media/other shithousery: We lost in the final of the FA Cup of Flags. As long as this isn't foreshadowing what's going to happen at the end of the season it's still a decent achievement.
Some of our fans started rimming that Kieran Maguire lad. He's a smart guy, hence why he's a lecturer, but my god does he not add context when he's talking about us. He's got our fanbase convinced we're a stable club. We're really, really not.
Also one of our fansites, From the Finney, appointed a fascist to their writing team. Oops.
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