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TranslationInfo-Digest Translation Centre is pleased to offer you all kinds of translation services ranging from personal correspondence to complicated technical documents. Customers are advised to set the level of translation: business, standard or top-quality because business translation projects are carried out by translators and competent professionals in this or that business area. Top-quality translation projects are performed taking into account various details involving the work of British processionals if your project is targeted for British audience or the work of Americans if your project is targeted for Americans.

Taking such details into account enables us to avoid some typical mistakes. For example, the question of a British telephone operator “Are you through?” means “Are you connected?” while the same question asked by an American will mean “Have you finished the conversation?” Thus if you reply “yes”, you will be able to start the conversation in the first case or you will be disconnected in the other case.

There are also some popular jokes about inaccurate translation of various corporate slogans. For example American Airlines equipped its planes with leather seats and decided to inform its Mexican clients about it. The slogan sounded good in English – “Fly in Leather” but in Spanish it sounded like “Fly naked”. Ukrainians stopped advertising Wispa chocolate bars because in Ukrainian it means “smallpox”.

Today, it goes without saying that it is crucial to address for professional assistance if you want to enjoy top-quality translation.

Professional translation is meant to perform the function set by you. Translation of agreements is supposed to be accurate, impartial and involve only one interpretation. Engineers need to understand clearly the translation of technical design of equipment, that is why such translation must meet all standards to avoid any kind of terminology ambiguity. Another important factor is deadline you must meet if you are to deliver equipment for your partners or conclude an agreement.

Express translation always meets the deadline. In this case Info-Digest Translation Centre can translate up to 75 pages a day retaining top quality because the Centre works with freelance translators and specialists who make up a team under the supervision of the manager. The translation is proof-read by professionals in the field of expertise, a doctor or engineer for example, than it is edited and desktop published and, finally, its quality is checked by the manager.

If you need, Info-Digest Translation Centre can set its seal to the document, notarial seal and signature, and Apostille..