Translation of Personal Documents
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Translation of Personal Documents

Translation of Personal DocumentsPersonal documents include passports, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, employment record books, references and other papers issued by various authorized bodies.


Both foreign visitors who come to Russia for a while or for permanent residence and Russian citizens who want to make a trip abroad need to get their documents translated.

This is a time-taking and important process that challenges the translator to choose the only possible way of translating terminology and proper nouns as well as to pay special attention to such detail as document layout. As a rule, personal documents have a standard layout but at the same time there are no universal templates for translation. Only adequate translation can assure their accuracy. Below are a few problems that Info-Digest had to deal with helping its clients who had disadvantaged from incompetent translation:

— A client who applied for Australian professional immigration program got a visa denial because of incorrect translation of his academic degree which was translated as one lower than it really was.

— One Ukrainian citizen lost her case in the court because of wrong translation of her street.

Lots of problems can arise while translating personal documents of former Soviet republics citizens. After the collapse of the USSR they had documents written in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and it takes a real professional to translate them accurately. Another cases when one may need to get his/her documents translated can be parent’s written consent, notarial will drown up in the language of a relative from abroad, divorce certificates for concluding a marriage abroad and others.

Info-Digest Translation Centre is pleased to offer you competent assistance. We do our work well and enjoy it. We translate documents from foreign languages into Russian and from Russian into different languages. It takes two days (or even one should you need this) to translate and proof-read documents by a highly-qualified specialist or by a native speaker. If you need, Info-Digest Translation Centre can set its seal to the document, notarial seal and signature, and Apostille.