Legal Regulation
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Legal Regulation
UNESCO Recommendation on the Legal Protection of Translators

Recommendation on the Legal Protection of Translators and Translations and the Practical Means to improve the Status of Translators was adopted in Nairobi on 22 November 1976, at the 19th Session of UNESCO General Conference.

Apostille stamp and consular legalization

There are two types of legalization of documents. The first type of legalization - a special stamp stamped "Apostille". The second type - a consular legalization. It should specify in advance what kind of legalization may need.

The Hague Convention. The list of states that recognise documents validated by Apostille

This Convention was signed by the states that wanted to abolish the requirement for diplomatic and consular certification of foreign official documents.

Order 363 of 14 December 2006

On approval of administrative regulation of execution of the Federal Registration Service of State functions apostilization on official documents to be exported abroad.

Fundamentals of Legislation on Notaries

Fundamentals of Russian Federation legislation on notaries on February 11, 1993 N 4462-I (as amended on 30 December 2001, December 24, 2002, 8, 23 December 2003, June 29, 1922 August, 2 November 2004 ., July 1, 2005, June 30, December 29, 2006, 26 June, 2, 18 October 2007)