Центр переводов Инфо-Дайджест

«Info-Digest» Translation center

Professional translation and notarization


InterpretingInterpreting can be simultaneous and consecutive. Consecutive interpreting is considered to be easier of these two because the interpreter deals with fragments of a text with pauses for translation in-between. Simultaneous interpreting can be harder because the speaker doesn’t make special pauses and the interpreter has to both interpret and listen at the same time. There is special equipment that must be used for simultaneous interpreting and the interpreter must possess special skills.

Info-Digest Translation Centre is pleased to offer you interpreting services:

  • At business meetings;
  • At scientific and business conferences and seminars;
  • At friendly meeting or during private conversations (including phone conversations);
  • If you invite foreign partners to their enterprise for installation of new equipment and start-up work;
  • During guided tours in towns, museums and enterprises;
  • If you want to get your movie translated and over-voiced.

Once the advance application is submitted, Info-Digest Translation Centre can provide you with interpreters and special equipment. The Centre can organise interpreting from 3 languages for all kinds of conferences for up to 55 people.

Interpreting is always an unpredictable process and that is why it requires only best performance. Interpreters who work in the Centre are professional and the equipment is of top-notch quality. To submit the application you should decide which kind of interpreting you need, the best way to do this is to consult our manager.

We are always ready to provide you with top-quality interpreting services.