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Professional translation and notarization


CareersAt Info-Digest Translation Centre we are constantly on the lookout for talented professionals to join our team on a freelance basis. You can live in any town or even abroad and work for us. Join our team if you share our commitment to quality, service and long-term partnerships.

Please send us your CV which includes your areas of expertise and work experience.

What we value most in our cooperation with employees is mutual respect.

We guarantee:

Realistic deadline and detailed information. Taking into account your CV data and experience of working with you will enable us to set realistic deadline and scope of work for you to be performed. We will provide you with details concerning pragmatics of the source text, text function, special requirements, and additional materials. We will do our best to ensure a comfortable environment for you while working us.

Our instant support. We are always available and easy to get in touch with to answer any questions or listen to any comments that you may have. Contact us anytime via the phone, email, ICQ or skype. Our team are happy to help you should you have any questions to technicians or editors.

Access to freelancers’ network. Under the initiative of professional translators who have been cooperating with us for several years, we created a special Forum where you can discuss professional issues, ask for help or information and communicate.

Info-Digest Translation Centre welcomes professional freelances and we ask to pay your attention to the following:

We treasure our reputation and may require you to translate a test version of a text.

Send your detailed CV with contact information including phone numbers, ICQ, Skype, e-mail that you check every working day. CV must include your work experience, field of expertise and the number of pages translated. Send us your CV as MS Word or PDF attachment, name it after your surname and initials, for example IvanovSI_CV and in this email explain why you’re sending it.