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Центр переводов Инфо-Дайджест

«Info-Digest» Translation center

Professional translation and notarization

About Us

Info-Digest Translation Centre was created in 2004 as a separate branch within the framework of “Mir na Ladoni” (“the World on the Palm”) magazine and the Tourist Centre for Youth.

The licences of Info-Digest Translation Centre are given here.

The headquarters of Info-Digest Translation Centre is located in Ulyanovsk, the additional branch works in Cheboksary.

There are more than 600 members of staff working in the Company.

In addition to translation and interpreting, Info-Digest Translation Centre offers other services, including Apostille and consular certification of documents, prepress preparation, translation duplication, and others.

The time usually needed for translation is two days but our customers can set deadlines themselves considering our recommendations. A 5-10 page document is normally translated in up to three days.

We always do our best to ensure high quality of translation keeping prices ideal and delivering our work to deadline.

Our main advantages:

Our experience and competence enable us to render high quality translation services in such areas as automotive industry, economics and finance, law, energy sector, electric and electronic engineering, management, information technologies and telecommunication.

Our management, advanced technologies and quality control guarantee excellent results and delivery to deadline. It all enabled us to translate and notarise documents in a day.

Simultaneous interpreting in Ulyanovsk and Cheboksary became possible due to the sophisticated level of our equipment and professional attitude to interpreting.

Our services range from simple document translations to website, computer games and software localisation.

We can be relied upon! We render technical translation and interpreting services to such clients as “Venets” Bank, “Sladko” Confectionary, “Gidroapparat” JSC, “Simbirsk Centre for Certification”, Internal Affairs Directorate in Ulyanovsk region, “Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant №2”, “ROSPERSONAL” JSC, the “StroySnab” Traiding Company, the “Motom” dealer centre and more than 360 enterprises from other Russian towns.

A partner you can rely on!